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Flights to Malmö and Visby will continue during the autumn

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Until we start operating again, you can choose to fly with our partner Amapola to Malmö and Visby. It is also possible to fly on your ticket on hold from BRA, Braathens Regional Airlines.

If you want to use your ticket on hold from BRA, Braathens Regional Airlines, you need to contact Amapola’s customer center and they will help you. There are a limited number of seats for you who have a ticket with BRA. All purchases, bookings and inquiries are made in full via Amapola.

Terms and guidelines for booking your ticket on hold with Amapola this autumn

Terms and guidelines for booking your ticket on hold with Amapola this autumn;

  • Have your booking number or ticket number ready and call Amapola’s customer center on telephone +46 (0) 770-790 700 Mon-Fri 06-19, Sun 12-19.
  • You need to make your request for booking a ticket on hold at least 3 days before the scheduled flight.
  • The ticket on hold will be considered as fully used when you choose to use it on Amapola’s flights (any additional products such as lounge access or similar will then also be considered as consumed).
  • Your ticket on hold is not able to rebook or refund when used with Amapola.
  • If you have booked a special ticket with assistance or extra services, this is not applicable when booking with Amapola unless agreed on with Amapola.
  • The ticket you previously had with BRA has been fully replaced with your new ticket at Amapola and cannot be transferred.
  • Travel conditions and all questions regarding service on board Amapola’s flights are entirely Amapolas and cannot be compared or equated with BRA.
  • Amapola cannot answer any other questions about your ticket. Amapola will only book a new trip on one of their routes.
  • It is not possible to travel on products such as annual card or punch cards at Amapola. Our ambition is to extend your annual card or punch card when we are operating again.

Booked ticket via Travel Agency

For you with a ticket booked via a travel agency and where the ticket is currently on hold, can be booked via Amapola in exactly the same way as above description.

Travel agency: You can use the same principle as above. Do not rebook any customers via GDS, only by phone to Amapola’s customer center.

All other questions regarding booked tickets with Amapola can only be handled by Amapola’s customer center.