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Our ambition has always been to get started with our domestic traffic during this year, but as the second Corona wave is now rolling over Sweden and the rest of the world, we feel forced to step back, reflect and re-plan.

We are ready for a start-up but we need to wait for the right time. This time is for us when the Corona curve is going in the right direction, the authorities are releasing their restrictions and we can see that customers want to get up in the air and fly again.

Signed company agreements

If you have a company agreement with BRA that may have expired during this period (or will soon do), we intend to start up our company program again immediately when we start up our traffic again. If you have an agreement that is valid, it continues in accordance with the agreement. It will also be loaded in the places we have agreed upon in the agreement.

If your agreement has expired or if your needs have changed and you wish to sign a new agreement, we will of course be able to help you with that as soon as we start our sales again. Information about destinations and flight schedule will be available on our website at the same time as we start up our sales.

Corporate customers with tickets on hold, punch cards or annual cards

If your company have tickets on hold, punch cards or annual cards, this means that each individual needs to act in the same way as a private traveler.

Read more about the different options that are available to the different tickets or cards here.