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News for you who are a reseller for BRA!

Our ambition has always been to get started with our domestic traffic during this year, but as the second Corona wave is now rolling over Sweden and the rest of the world, we fell forced to step back, reflect and re-plan.

We are ready for a start-up but we need to wait for the right time. This time is for us when the Corona curve is going in the right direction, the authorities are releasing their restrictions and we can see that customers want to get up in the air and fly again.

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Important information

  1. All travelers who have had their trips canceled during the spring and summer have their tickets put on hold with us at BRA, Braathens Regional Airlines. This applies regardless of whether the ticket is booked by BRA or an agent. The validity period for these tickets has now been extended to 2021-09-30. The ticket is valid on any destination and for any traveler (i.e. transfer can only be made in connection with booking a new trip, which can only take place when we start up the business again after the reconstruction).
  2. However, instead of keeping their ticket on hold, the customer has the option to request the money back and will then be covered by the agreement established by the District Court which is decided in the reconstruction that BRA has been through and will receive 25% refund of the total ticket price. We have set up a form that the customer must fill in to get their refund. We please ask you to refer to this form if you get this question by the customer;
  3. Due to the reconstruction since the 6th of April 2020, BRA is no longer included in BSP for the time being. Tickets processed via BSP agent refund are therefore not in the system, but they also need to be referred to the procedure as described regarding refunds for tickets on hold.

The routes we will open at first will probably be the routes you demand the most. For example between Bromma and Malmö, Gothenburg, Visby, Ängelholm and Umeå, but we hope that the demand for travel will allow us to increase the number of destinations and our schedule gradually in a near future.

Warm greetings!

BRA, Braathens Regional Airlines